Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Well, the adventure has begun. It's been two weeks since we officially opened our law firm.

First let me explain the name of the blog. We are married, with a combined student debt load of about $200,000 and have a couple of cars. One beater, one a bit nicer. We have a few thousand bucks in the bank, which are quickly being depleted by our new law firm adventure. But seriously folks, we've got nothing to loose. Except our dignity. Which we didn't have much of to begin with. Hence the title "Judgement Proof." Take it all people, you won't get much!

Next, a bit of background. We met our first year of law school in Washington State. We both wanted to open our own firms. We both wanted to move to Sunny Southern California. It was love from there on out.

We studied for the California Bar. Studied our butts off. He passed, I did not (perhaps I have enough dignity that I don't like the word "fail.") Now, all throughout Barbri, when I was calling my mom with tears streaming down my cheeks that I would fail, she promised me "Sweetie, it doesn't matter. You can still open the firm. Only one of you has to pass." My current title is Director of Client Relations. Soon it will be "Attorney at Law Extraordinaire." But that will be about a year from now.

We have awesome business cards. We look good in suits. I'm still getting used to wearing pantyhose every day. And heals. Stepping out, with my baby....

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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