Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You've Got (Direct) Mail

Things are going along swimingly here. Our one client is perfect. But, no rest for the weary, we have to keep pounding the pavement and beating back the bushes to get that second and third client.

As many of you know, print advertising is prohibitively priced at this point. For example, there is a small local newspaper that we'd love to run ads in. However, I almost snorted diet soda through my nose when they told me their rates. That's a few clients down the road we figure.

Next idea: direct mail. We can order full color postcards from VistaPrint. They cost about $0.34 each for 500. Or $0.25 each for 1,000. I'm a big Costco fan, so I'm jazzed about getting 1,000. One thousand cards! If we can't get 1 client from 1,000 cards, we need to change professions, right? We don't plan to purchase mailing lists either. We have our ways to use technology to save on that cost.

Anyone have experience or tips regarding direct mailing? We realize it doesn't usually have an excellent success rate, but it's what we can afford right now. Thoughts? Opinions? Are we nuts?

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