Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Favorite Blogs

As bloggers, we have to keep up with other blogs. Our blog is quite measly compared to the ones we'll list here. Some writers are so creative, cleaver, and informative, it's hard not spend the whole day reading their entries, when we need to be out beating the pavement.

Hence, a post about some of our favorite blogs, and why we are shamelessly addicted:
  • Sweet Hot Justice: HILARIOUS account of an associate at an anonymous big law firm. Her accounts of big law life have made me squirt Diet Coke through my nose more than once.
  • California Injury Blog: Jon Bisnar and his crew are incredible, maintaining an amazing blog with almost daily entries about personal injury cases throughout California. This guy never sleeps.
  • Above the Law: one of the top-ranked legal blogs in our present day. It's our one stop shop to learn about the latest law firm lay-offs and hiring freezes. Tip: ignore the comment sections, things get out of control regularly.
  • My Shingle: consistently brings in news and tidbits for those out on their own, in the sun or in the cold. She also wrote a book titled Solo by Choice. Although we've yet to check it out, judging from her blog, it's likely a good read.
  • Legal Marketing Blog: consistently comes up with solid, useful tips for marketing a law firm.
  • Build A Solo Practice: I've been following this informative blog since before graduation from law school. It has a wealth of resources and interesting articles pertaining to hanging your shingle. It's creator, Susan Cartier Liebel, is the mastermind behind the incredible Solo Practice University.
  • The [Non] Billable Hour: the top post was "Selling Through a Slump" so it automatically goes on here.
  • The Greatest American Lawyer: blog tag line is "Changing the Way Law is Practiced." We're doing the same thing. So there. It's G2G.
The personal nature of the blog is what they find appealing.
~ Ethan G. Salwen

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