Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Are Not Alone.

One of my favorite blogs, Above the Law, has profiled two friends who opened their own law firm after they couldn't find attorney positions in their town. Check out their story here. I say "Way to go Buckley & Hutchings!!!"

Major difference between these women and our story is that it was our dream to open our own shop from the beginning of our first year. We scraped money together for it, talked to many many attorneys who were in solo practice (and/or had opened shop right after law school), and we focused on what areas we would want to practice in.

Below is a quote I resent, however.
[F]reshly minted lawyers may know legal theory, but they rarely know the more practical stuff: how to bill clients, for example, or how to navigate the court system. Also, running a law firm is closely akin to running a small business. Few young lawyers learning the ropes of their profession could handle the added burden of keeping the books and being sure the light bill gets paid. [emphasis added]

Um, if we can pay our personal electric bill and manage our own own bank account, we think we can do the same for our firm. Why do some people act as though this is rocket science?

And practical stuff? That's what the internet is for! It's what making friends with more experienced attorneys is for! Come on, folks.

Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.
~ Cheri Huber

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Legal Marketer said...

Great post. Your blog does an excellent job of encouraging attorneys to not be afraid of going out on their own. Overcoming fear is half the battle.