Monday, February 2, 2009

Merci Beaucoup!

I wrote several Thank You cards today. (Sidenote: I was raised never to buy cards that say "Thank You" on the front. This lesson has stuck with me, although I am unsure why it is uncouth to send cards with "Thank You" on them. Now it is a pain to find nice blank cards!)

Excuse my digression. The thing is, I have had the good fortune to run into several amazing women since we've moved here. These women are very well connected in our community, and are active in several organizations to which we have recently joined. But what makes them extra special is their inclusive nature towards me, a lowly newbie outsider.

These women, in their own unique ways, have taken me under their wings by introducing me to people, welcoming me to the organizations, telling me how fabulous the venture is which Paul and I have taken on, and always having a smile and a warm welcome for me. It has made the networking process much easier for me. It has made events enjoyable. It has made me feel more connected to this community (as cliche as it sounds).

Years from now, when gold bars sit lazily on our office desks, I will remember these women and look forward to how I can help the newbie in the group feel welcome. Gold bar, newbie?

When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.
~ Anthony Robbins

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